Design of reconfigurable slot antennas

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These developments demand reconfigurable antenna technology where several frequencies can be supported in a single platform rather than havingHere initially, a microstrip slotted patch antenna was designed and on and off switch states were simulated by the presence and absence of copper...

DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF FREQUENCY RECONFIGURABLE ANTENNA FOR ... The proposed antenna is a reconfigurable antenna with different slots .Reconfigurable can be attached with pin diodes and varactor diodes but in this proposed antenna fixed patches had been used to achieve frequency reconfiguability. The main aim of this antenna design is to be used for reconfigurablity with size of 50 x 50mm 2 A frequency reconfigurable dipole antenna with solid-state ... A Novel Design of Reconfigurable Slot Antenna With Switchable Band Notch and Multiresonance Functions for UWB Applications. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 11, ... A Pattern-Reconfigurable Slot Antenna for IoT Network ... In this paper, a directional pattern-reconfigurable slot antenna at 2.4 GHz is presented. The antenna can provide three evenly-separated directional patterns and one omnidirectional pattern. The proposed solution is fully suitable for the integration in Internet of things (IoT) network base stations ... Phase Characterization of Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antennas


A Study of Reconfigurable Multiband Antenna for Wireless ... In 2014, H. Singh design a Steering Wheel Shaped Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radio which is act as a fast switching antenna capable of operating in seven different frequencies in the range of 6.25 to 8.25 GHz[14].

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Radioengineering - April 2018, Volume 27, Number 1 [DOI: 10 Reconfigurable antennas allow to meet the increasing demands of modern RF communication systems for reconfiguration capabilities, such as beam-steering, multi-band operation, polarization flexibility or frequency agility. Microsoft Word - str_0662-0667


IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 53, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2005 645 Design of Reconfigurable Slot Antennas Dimitrios Peroulis, Member, IEEE, Kamal Sarabandi, Fellow, IEEE, and Linda P. B. Katehi, Fellow, IEEE Abstract—In this paper the design of a compact, efficient and Signal propagation over large distances and in urban and electronically tunable antenna is presented. (PDF) Design of reconfigurable slot antennas - ResearchGate PDF | In this paper the design of a compact, efficient and electronically tunable antenna is presented. A single-fed resonant slot loaded with a series of PIN diode switches constitute the ... DESIGN OF RECONFIGURABLE ANNULAR SLOT ANTENNA (ASA) FOR ... The following document presents the design of a reconfigurable annular slot antenna (ASA) for wireless communications and wireless local area network (WLAN) applications. The multitude in different standards in cell phones and other personal mobile devices require compact multi-band antennas and smart antennas with A design of reconfigurable rectangular microstrip slot ... Abstract: A compact of a reconfigurable rectangular microstrip slot patch antenna of operating frequencies in the range of (2-6) GHz is proposed for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) applications. It has one port excited with microstrip line feed mechanism. The proposed antenna consists of a single layer patch antenna with two parallel slots designed that can be controlled via two PIN diode ...